UF Series (TBD)

The atomic bombs changed everything. Every mage died. Shifter birth rates plummeted. Earth magic rotted. But life didn’t stop after the magical apocalypse.

Lucky hides her secret abilities in plain sight working in private security. Hard work and consistent results earn her an envied reputation. The one drawback to her success? Humans. The higher she climbs, the more she has to work with them.

When a human contracts her for a bodyguard job, Lucky wants to refuse. Wasting her time and talent on paranoid clients is annoying. But she can’t. They picked her because they know one of her secrets.

Lucky heads to D. C. determined to find out who’s been spying on her and she knows just where to start. Her estranged brother claimed his territory just outside the American capital. She never thought he’d sell her out, but ten years can change anyone.

Lucky is ready for a fight, she just hopes it won’t be against her own family.

This brand new series is coming in 2020.

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