First Chapters: Harmony Ends

Storm Claw (prequel novella)

Lucky dislikes working with humans.

She loathes working in human cities.

Working with humans in their cities? She dumps those jobs on her brother.

Until she can’t.

Stepping in when her brother’s firstborn is due, Lucky can’t refuse a lucrative job bodyguarding a human. She’s dreading her stay on San Juan Island because Rot grows around human tech. It seeps through the mana, clings to her fur, and whispers of mad violence. But Rot’s saturation around humans isn’t the only evil lurking in the client’s luxury estate.

When facing humanity’s worst, there’s no option but to fight… even if unmasking the monster means revealing the secrets she hides under her own skins.

Earth Song (book 1)

Earth magic suffers at the hands of humans.

Atomic warfare unleashed poisonous Rot forever.

But shifter life can’t stop for Earth magic’s demise.

Lucky loves working for her family’s bear shifter security firm. She can keep her secret abilities hidden in plain sight. The drawback? The higher she climbs, the more she has to work with humans in their Rotting cities.

When a human requests her for an unusual contract in DC, Lucky wants to refuse—until she learns the client probably knows her secrets. There’s only one man who could have betrayed her. Again. Lucky delves into the contract to bury the past… but Earth magic has other plans.

Join Lucky’s adventure today and explore the hopeful yet cruel world you know as you’ve never imagined it before.

Blood Shield (book 2)

A new Alpha.

A thief in the night.

A legacy of death and destruction.

Lucky adjusts to her new life with the sleuth she founded in the suburbs outside Washington DC. When a missing artifact calls her north to the bear sleuth, she never expected the thief’s trail would lead her back to her own doorstep. With her sleuth at risk and a target growing on her back, Lucky must face the nightmares hidden in her family’s heritage to keep the past from repeating its worst mistakes.

Wing Strike (book 3)

Burns heal.

The scars don’t.

After Lucky’s near-defeat on Assateague island at the hands of Tau, a white shark shifter and a fire mage, she’s left with questions that lurk behind the overwhelming dread that she’s in over her head. As threats rise from every corner, she does the only thing a bear can do: she digs in and doesn’t stop, no matter the personal cost. She’s determined to understand what Tau was doing and why, until the American Shifter Defense Agency gets in the way.

Agent Bowes is determined to pin Tau’s attack on Lucky instead… or so it seems. With conspiracies rising, dangers looming, and blood thirst growing, Lucky must master the unknown forces tearing her in different directions, because she’s terrified if she can’t, she’ll fall to Rot, again. And this time, permanently.

Books 4 and 5 of the series are currently being drafted. First chapters will be available by June 2023.