Tiger Training Diaries

Unless you’ve literally been left on the ground while all your raven shifter kin fly over your head, you really don’t know what it’s like.

Staring up at them. Dreaming I could be like them. Wishing to escape my human body… and the Hollow label that keeps me down.

You know what they say about wishing, though, right?

I didn’t get wings like I wanted.

I got a tail. Claws. And stripes.

In the middle of a bathroom stall at school.

The Tiger Training Diaries is a serial novella that parallels the Harmony Ends series. Part 1, currently releasing, begins days before the events of Earth Song take place.

New chapters will release every Friday, starting on October 21 through December 30, 2022.

Stock image from DepositPhotos. Credit: JozefKlopacka.