Paint-By-Numbers Poetry

Good poetry transcends verse and paper to immortalize fleeting glories, humbling losses, and every ephemeral emotion in between. It flows from the tip of the tongue with ease while teasing complex layers of understanding.

The thing is, L. A. likes to write the kind of poetry that makes her giggle rather than tingle. She loves reading the poignant stuff… just not writing it.

Paint-by-numbers poetry is her own term for how she views her poems. Do they follow standard poetry conventions? You bet. Do they reflect on the human condition? When the demon is away from the keyboard. Do they showcase mastery of language and subtext? Rarely. They are honest tidbits and glimpses instead of layered thematic compositions.

What matters, though, is how she feels when she writes them. That looks-good, fun-is-free, makes-her-happy feeling is why she keeps at it. She hopes every one reading will keep on writing, reading, dancing, drawing, singing, or whatever it is that makes you giggle too, because those moments are just as precious as the ones that leave you tingling.