What happened?

I left teaching to pursue my writing dreams. So, I wrote a book. Got published, summer 2018. I celebrated with champagne and family, followed by the stress of marketing. I couldn’t provide for the people I celebrated with just by following through on a dream. I needed a business.

The learning and growth I sought after The Thread went live plunged me into the publishing industry, and early 2019 proved the right time to shift to self-publishing. My goals now follow my dream while building a business, and I’m more than excited about what that future holds.

So, what next? For now, Henry and Ro are taking a backseat while I use a new series to test run my writing business goals. Through 2019, I developed an urban fantasy series, wrote book 1 and half of book 2, and outlined a long short story to introduce this amazing new cast of characters. These first months of 2020 have seen even more progress. The short is almost complete, and I expect to start self-editing in 2 weeks. After my edits, all three of those drafts will go to a professional editor before publication.

Two years ago, I knew there would be hurdles in my path. I didn’t realize how unprepared I was to make writing my bread and butter. Once I did, I used those mistakes to propel me toward success. What happened was born out of my ignorance and naivety, but my focus faces ahead, toward what’s becoming. There are still hurdles to overcome and there will be many more down the road, but this time around the metaphor will be stacked in my favor. I took my blinders off and I’m not just aiming to clear the hurdles; I’m launching onward and upward.

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