Storm Claw

Anyone with powers like Lucky’s would have a target on their back. Hiding her abilities ensures her freedom. But in a world torn between shifters and humans, dominants and Alphas, Earth magic and Rot… peace never lasts. 

With her brother’s firstborn due, Lucky must take a lucrative mission so he may stay home with his new cub. It’s a shame the only one worth her time is in human territory. Rot grows around human tech. It seeps through the mana, clings to her ears, and whispers of mad violence. She never expects that Rot’s saturation isn’t the only evil lurking on San Juan island.  

When facing humanity’s worst, Lucky must choose between keeping her secrets hidden and taking a hero’s first steps, whether she’s ready or not. 

Storm Claw will be a free prequel novella in the Harmony Ends universe. It will arrive in 2020.