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Urban Fantasy

The atomic bombs changed everything. Every mage died. Shifter birth rates plummeted. Earth magic rotted. But life didn’t stop after the magical apocalypse.

Lucky hides her secret abilities in plain sight working in private security. Hard work and consistent results earn her an envied reputation. The one drawback to her success? Humans. The higher she climbs, the more she has to work with them.

As Lucky is drawn deeper into the human world, she must learn to unify her two worlds or lose the people in both.

Harmony Ends is an urban fantasy series of five books based on Lucky’s adventures in the Washington D.C. area.


Death births us all. Life divides us all. Thread binds us all.

White Wing soldiers Henry Harbor and Rolyn Sech are entangled in the schemes of the military’s Commander, Ilo Roxar. Wielding superpowers granted by the Web, the three legends clash across the galaxies of the Third Dimension.