Wing Strike

Cover art adapted from Anarlie’s original Storm Claw art. Edited by LA Magill.

Burns heal.

The scars don’t.

After Lucky’s near-defeat on Assateague island at the hands of Tau, a white shark shifter and a fire mage, she’s left with questions that lurk behind the overwhelming dread that she’s in over her head. As threats rise from every corner, she does the only thing a bear can do: she digs in and doesn’t stop, no matter the personal cost. She’s determined to understand what Tau was doing and why, until the American Shifter Defense Agency gets in the way.

Agent Bowes is determined to pin Tau’s attack on Lucky… or so it seems. With conspiracies rising, dangers looming, and blood thirst growing, Lucky must learn the unknown forces tearing her in different directions, because she’s terrified if she can’t, she’ll fall to Rot, again. And this time, permanently.

Wing Strike is the third book in the Harmony Ends series and is available for preorder as an ebook on Amazon for $4.99 (prices may vary outside US) and in KU. Paperbacks coming soon!

You can read the first chapter here on my website:

For the romance readers who like to read about every detail, there is a special edition of Wing Strike just for you. Same story, same scenes, a whole lot more spice.

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