Harmony Ends: Mages

In August of 1945, human war drowned the land in death, devastation, and despair. The atomic bombs ruined all they touched… and ever since, Earth magic had been dying.

There was no way to stop the slow corruption of the magic. No magecraft to counter it. No cure to heal it.

So, in September of 1945, Earth magic chose someone to fix what was irrevocably broken.

A pair of twins—girls—were born with enough mana coursing through their veins to control the very heavens that rained down on their newborn heads.

But only one of them would survive the night.

And she would have to bear everything the Earth could not.

The “Harmony Ends: Mages” novellas detail the incredible journeys and adventures of Tadhana Eeya and the mages who follow her. Read along as the most powerful shifters in the world seek out the mysterious answer to restoring Earth magic… and are made powerless in the face of Rot.

There are currently three novellas planned for the “Mages” arc. Publishing schedules are TBD, but the first novella will most likely release in the fall of 2023. Make sure to follow the newsletter so you don’t miss out on any updates!


Mage Novella 1: the man who loved her

Mage Novella 2: those who betrayed her

Mage Novella 3: the Earth magic that chose her

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