Earth Song

Cover art by Anarlie. See more of her artwork here.

Earth magic suffers at the hands of humans.

Atomic warfare unleashed Rot, sparking the magical apocalypse.

But shifter life can’t stop for Earth magic’s demise.

Lucky wants to refuse when a human requests her for an unusual body guarding contract in DC, until she learns the client probably knows her secrets. Secrets she’s guarded all her life and only trusted to a precious few people she loved. There’s only one man who could have betrayed her.


Just thinking about his stupid golden fur kindles years-old anger. She delves into the contract to bury the past once and for all… but Earth magic has other plans.

As magic she’s known all her life turns on her, Lucky learns a new mythic shifter got dragged across the veil from human kind into shifter kin—a tiger this time, with golden fur just like the man she once used to call brother. The young woman is snarky, smirky, and scared underneath it all, just like he’d once been all those years ago.

Lucky must overcome both the pain in her past and the Rotten Earth magic clawing at her spirit to help the young tiger who desperately needs her, but through it all… will Lucky sense the dark shadows lurking behind the glimmer of gold?

Earth Song is the first book in the Harmony Ends series and is available as an eBook for sale on Amazon for $4.99 (prices may vary outside US) and in KU.

You can read the first chapter here on my website:

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