Blood Shield

Cover image adapted from Anarlie’s original Storm Claw art. Edited image by LA Magill.

A new Alpha.

A thief in the night.

A legacy of death and destruction.

Lucky adjusts to her new life with the sleuth she founded on the outskirts of Washington DC. When a missing artifact calls her north to the bear sleuth, she never expected the thief’s trail would lead her back to her own doorstep. With her sleuth at risk and a target growing ever bigger on her back, Lucky must face the nightmares hidden in her family’s heritage to keep the past from repeating its worst mistakes.

Blood Shield is the second book in the Harmony Ends series and is available starting June 24th, 2022 as an ebook on Amazon for $4.99 (prices may vary outside US) and in KU. Paperbacks coming soon!